My workshops are designed to give you a sense of belonging and to build intimate little communities for you and your children to connect with through art. I have started with this small sampling and have many more classes in mind. If you would like to build a group based on an event (such as a birthday) or a common interest, I'll be happy to come up with a workshop for you.

Design your own room series for kids

This class will meet once a week at my Needham home studio. The kids will share their ideas, learn design basics and develop their sense of style. Week by week your child will transform his/her room. We will take on projects such as renovating lamps, planting and styling a potted plant, and painting their own ready-to-hang art. $165 (materials not included)

Ladies photo-wall nights

In this three evening session we will take a close look at your family photos and bring them from an overwhelming collection to a neatly laid out wall display for your home. We will first look at both the photos themselves as well as the space they will inevitably occupy. Taking into consideration your color palette and the ambiance you would like to express, we will paint frames, order prints, lay out a grid and get you to the point where you can place them on your wall for everyone to see. $135 (materials not included)

Intuitive painting workshop

Check your inhibition at the door! I planned for this workshop to serve you as a mini retreat - a mental escape from your busy lives. In this 3 hour session we will share about ourselves, play around with colors and ultimately paint an intuitive painting. $60 (including materials)